raising the next generation that will possess the 7 Mountains
of influence in the Society.


Our Mission is anchored in the Vision of the Church of Nigeria as a caring Church and the Joshua Generation Committee in raising the next generation that will possess the 7 Mountains of influence in the Society.

There is virtually any country particularly developed country where Nigerians are not resident either as students, legal aliens or illegal aliens. There is nothing wrong in seeking to develop oneself. The challenge of young people is knowing the right and most appropriate ways to explore this desire. It has been said that, Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students crossing countries, continents and oceans to get the best education possible. This is phenomenon has a huge inherent kingdom potential. The truth is, studying overseas has many great benefits, if nothing it positioned a person for greater opportunity.

The Story of the Four Hebrew Children from Judah who studied at Babylon’s Royal Tertiary Institute- Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (Daniel 1:6-10) provides us a Biblical philosophy and Theological understanding of God’s providence for sending God’s children to a foreign land, and for the establishment of the Church of Nigeria Joshua Generation OVERSEAS STUDY/CAREER MENTORSHIP program.
This program will be a vehicle, a link and channel to help our young people pursue their dreams, and possess the 7 mountains of Influence of the Society. In a globalized, well-connected world, employers increasingly value graduates with international experience and education. Studying oversees helps to learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. These are qualities modern businesses look out for when hiring, and such traits will become more and more important in the future.

Our Objectives

To provide guidance and counseling for our young people desiring to study abroad, do internship overseas or exchange program


To explore education as a means of sending missionaries to the Nations of the World.


To Mentor a prospective candidate through the rigorous process of overseas consulate process.


Our Activities (Take off Plan)

Form a team of experienced persons in the area of overseas travels and study. Admissions procedures

Develop collaboration with foreign agencies and Embassy’s educational advising programs.

Organize seminar for awareness creation, proficiency and deployment

Serve as an information and Advising Center that will provide quality, timely, accurate, biased information about accredited higher education institutions for persons wishing to study overseas.

We believe very strongly that this opportunity will help
our young people navigate their desire to develop themselves
as disciples and missionaries of Christ to the nations.
This initial proposal shall be further develop
later by the grace of God.

This initial proposal shall be further
developed by the grace of God.


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